Out of the Dust

Nashville-based recording artist Out of the Dust will perform LIVE, with a story of downfall, divorce, miraculous redemption and remarriage.

Chris and Stephanie Teague make up the husband and wife duo Out of the Dust.

Their story of downfall, divorce, miraculous redemption and remarriage is woven deep into the fabric of their music, and it is one that has been shared all over the world .

Please join us for a night of testimony, music and fellowship! There will be refreshments, raffles, door prizes and a time for meet & greet with Chris and Stephanie Teague following the performance.

  • Due to the maturity level of this concert and testimony, we ask that you allow someone else to love on your children for the evening so that you can focus on what God has in-store for you. We suggest that ages 16 and up attend, but will leave this up to the parents discretion.

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