Who is at the Center?

This story in John chapter 8, paints a picture of what we deal with every day as believers. What I love so much about this story is that it is more about Jesus than anyone or anything else. In verse two, we see Jesus coming early in the morning to the temple. As He arrives, people “all the people”, came to Him. I don’t think there is a greater joy to Christ then when people come to Him. The Bible says “all the people”, can you imagine the cast of characters who might have been there? Just picture your church, the mall, anywhere large groups of people gather, every kind of person in there. Good and bad, happy and sad, the honest and the liar, young and old – they are all coming to Jesus. His response is not to separate or classify them, but to sit with all the people and teach them. This is the heart of Christ. He wants people to come to Him, so He can teach them, that’s exactly what He says in Matthew 11:28-30.

As He is teaching, the scribes and Pharisees, both very “good” and self righteous, bring a sinful woman to the feet of Jesus. What a difference between the heart of Christ and the heart of these men. Christ came to seek and to save the lost. These men are seeking in order to condemn the lost. When they bring her, guilty I might add, they try to put her sin at the center of the conversation. They are challenging Christ on the question of sin, with great persistence, they accuse and judge a guilty woman.

In His great wisdom and love, Christ does not engage in their game. He write something on the ground, then gets up and gives them the green light. If they themselves were sinless. At this, every man down to the youngest drop their stones, meant for dark, and walked away. Once they were done, it says in verse 9, that Jesus was “left alone”. What He had done is put Himself in the center, He had dismissed the accusations and condemnation from being the definition of this woman. She was left standing with Christ.

Everyday we have a choice to make. Will I allow sin and guilt to be the center of my life. Will I relate to God, myself, and others based on sin and guilt or will I come to Jesus, allow Him to be at the center and listen to the words He is speaking.

“Neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more.”

We are free from sin because of Christ, lets allow Him to be at the center and He will dismiss sin and guilt- they are bad motivators and lead to shame. His heart is for us, He is approaching us everyday and His message is greater, lets listen!

John 8:1-11 Pastor Bailey Norman

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